Message from Blog-Snap


Hi, at Blog-Snap, we love stories. We love to write stories, read stories, and promote stories. Stories and storytelling are one of the most powerful methods of passing knowledge from generation to generation. Powerful storytelling touches us, influences us, and stays with us as memories that can be recalled and retold a thousand times over. Think about the way we learn as children. From very early in our lives we learn and relate through stories. A good storyteller can make you believe, dream, and learn. Our lives are a collection of stories that we keep inside us, share with others, and hold as part of our legacy.


As entrepreneurs, with a long history of building and growing businesses, we at Blog-Snap have learned the power of the story as a means of introducing our products and services, networking with new acquaintances, and building long lasting relationships. Much has changed in business through the years, but the story has remained as the most prolific resource for business growth.

There are two primary reasons for the power of the story. One, we are taught to learn from stories as children. Retaining and recalling stories is ingrained into our psyches from infancy. Two, stories have the ability to be told across multiple media platforms. When you think about it almost everything you read, see or experience is a story in some form.

So why did we develop Blog-Snap?

Why Blog-Snap

As long time entrepreneurs, one of the most expensive and sometimes difficult tasks we have encountered has been lead generation and customer acquisition. Strategies come and go but in the end the one constant is the story. The story works every time. The trick is in understanding how to use the story at any given time using whatever vehicle is current and viable as a means of delivery.


Businesses have used stories as lead generation tools forever. From word of mouth to plays on stage, to pitchmen and barkers, to speeches and newspapers, direct mail, cold calling, email blasts, articles, radio, TV and now social media. We hear, see and read more stories now than any time in history. It is amazing to think that with all the technology available today, the story lives in the heart of it all.


As times change so do the vehicles we use to tell our stories. Content is simply not enough. Anyone can produce content. There has been lots of talk about content providers. If a business can’t or doesn’t have time to tell its own story then it can buy content from content providers. Two things should be clear about buying content. One, not all content is created equal. Content that does not contain value is just, well, content. The story is lost and so is its impact on the recipient. Two, valuable content or stories must have a delivery mechanism.

With that in mind, Blog-Snap uses blogs and a unique delivery, monitoring, and tracking system to deliver the story.

Blog-Snap Mission

Like you, Blog-Snap didn’t start with bags of money or venture capitalists willing to throw millions at us to help us get started. We had to be creative. Blogs are inexpensive to write, do not require ad space to be purchased, and have the potential to be shared by the millions. They require time, know-how, and patience.


What we learned at Blog-Snap was that in order to effectively use the power of the blog and combine it with the power of the story, we needed more than just a blog. We needed a “smart blog.” So, we created a system to optimize our blog and engineered it to utilize all the tools available today to turn it into a storytelling, lead generating, and customer acquisition system.

This is a piece of our story. What’s yours? Do you think your potential customers would be interested in your story? At Blog-Snap we can tell your story and show you how to grow your business by using our system. Give it some thought and reach out to us. We want to hear your story, but we also want to share it.